This is my ford Mk1 Escort Van.

It's been a mini project thats got in the way of the capri. I got it with a 1600 Kent in it. As you can see I hadn't finished painting it yet...

Since the head was so easy to remove I thought I may as well port it.

I had the throats machined bigger, I opened them up and smoothed the short side radius. I sprayed it silver for a laugh.

However it turned out that whoever built the engine didn't know what they were doing. The pistons and valves were hitting and it chewed the lobe off the cam.

The ring lands weren't flash either...

I had the bore measured and it was already 60 thou oversize so boring it more wasn't a good idea. This was when I thought I'd 2L it. I got this engine for $50 from the buy sell.

After a good clean... was ready for painting.

 After the engine was preped I tried a test fit. I needed to cut the radiator mount back to make room for the 2L water pump, first I cut a gap to drop the engine in.

With the engine in I then marked the area to cut.

 Since I was doing all this I had to do a little upgrade...I decided to see if I could use the Throttle Body Injection from a 3.9L Falcon 6 cylinder.


 A guy at work drew up some adapter plates for me and I get them cut. The result was a bolt in replacement for a Weber two barrel carb right down to the air filter studs.

Time for a bit of wiring.

I was pleased with the result it almost looks factory.

I wouldn't have been able to complete this with out the help of my hound. She was always making sure I was doing the job correctly.

With the engine in and running it was time to make it look good.

All that was left to do was to get it fine tuned on NZ EFI's Dyno.

Here's the sheet, No to bad for a $50 short block, ported big valve head and TBI.

R.I.P While driving down Linwood ave an '86 M3 BMW locked up it brakes in front of me and even though I had a reasonable stopping distance I punted it in the back. The BMW was pretty good, the esky had absorbed all the energy by shedding all the bog and crumpling like tinfoil =-(