Here's my barn find. Hadn't been driven for years

Had only done 66K miles with 1 owner

Look at that factory radio

The mighty 1100cc with single barrel carb

The place I got it from was bogan heven

Some fresh gas and she roared in to life!  ....and after a clean

I've never seen intact plastic behind the door cards before, shame I had to hole it preping it for the paint shop

Stripped ready for painting

Time to start on the engine...

The key wouldn't come out

So I had to persuade it out

Little bit of porting

A spot of epoxy

And put it on the flow bench at MP Performance, Thanks Max!

I filled these ports more than the head I did for Brendan, the idea was to get the port velocity up

Because of the custom front well sump it needed a modified oil pickup which Dan sorted for me


With all the bits ready to assemble it was time to get started

Gapping the rings

Crank in

Short block done

Time to drop the head on

Next up was installing the cam berings with my new tool, thanks Dave!

It's a thing of beauty, it can be used to pull the old cam bearings out and the new ones in

Cam installed

Ready to go!

The mighty 1100cc is removed

With everything stripped out

This took me a while

Then Mark took it away, painted it, and dropped it back in 2 days. Thanks Mark!

For some reason the engine looks really small in the black engine bay

With the engine and gearbox in it's on to the wiring.

 Engine is in, ECU is wired and tested just need to mount fuel pump, steel fuel lines and the exhaust


Fitting the exhaust. Yes that an Escort with 1 wheel on the ground! 

Me and the hound on the frist drive

The dyno results